Using individual shade canopies in each pen or exercise run, as seen covering the rear half of the kennel runs below, is an easy way to provide cooling shade and avoid snagging the fabric.

If you decide to use one canopy to cover multiple pens, using one of the options shown below will extend the life and performance of your shade tarps by reducing excessive wear and snagging.

In the picture above a narrow strip of teal cloth-backed-vinyl has been put over the chain link fence and support pipe. Grommets allow easy attachment with zip ties. Ours have been left up year around but could be easily removed in cold climates and reinstalled.

** We will fabricate these vinyl fence cover strips for our customers! ** Request a quote.**

Another way to prevent snagging and extend the life of your silver shade tarps is to use poly-foam pipe insulation ( above right). The foam piece shown fits a 1/2″ copper or 3/8” steel pipe. Slide the split foam in place over the exposed top edge of the chain fencing and secure with electricians tape or with zip ties. Do NOT over tighten zip ties and keep the ends of the zip ties pointing down so they do not snag the shade fabric when it moves in the breeze. (*Electrician tape is much easier to work with than duct tape.)

 The kennel shade canopy pictured has had a custom “rub strip” applied to the underside of the fabric to prevent wear and snagging. While this looks good and is very effective, it adds extra cost and a considerable amount of weight to the silver shade canopy. It was more difficult to keep the canopy from snagging while putting up, also.

An exercise pen can be snag-proofed for life with clear plastic tubing (1/2” or 3/8” inside diameter works well). Cut the tubing in approx 2 ft lengths to fit the width of each folding panel of the x-pen, then split the tubing lengthwise. (I used a very sharp utility scissors.) Open tubing slightly, push it onto the top edge of the pen and attach with electricians tape; it now comes in lots of colors! The tubing can be found at construction and farm supply stores; it’s sometimes referred to as “sight hose”. This exercise pen has been snag proofed and in use for over 10 years.

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