I have been running (sled dogs) with the jackets for about two weeks now in the mornings and you wouldn’t believe the difference in temperature between a dog without one to a dog with one. 


It arrived this morning, thanks very much. I am impressed by the quality of construction, and appreciate that it arrived by the time I needed it! I will happily recommend you and buy from you again if the occasion arises. A much better “internet buying experience” than some I’ve had lately!


The goods came on Saturday, and… I wanted to quickly let you know that I just took the dogs for a 45-minute walk in those coats. It was about 3 p.m. when we set out, and sunny, about 80 degrees. I hosed them down with cold water –dogs and coats– and then dressed them and out we went. THEY DID GREAT! They were a little wasted when we got home, as the walk back is all uphill, but under those coats, their fur was cold to the touch! And they have recovered normal breathing and attitude now about twice as fast as on a similar walk in 60 degree weather.

Joan and Hawkeye

I handed out a couple of your cards. I made people touch my dog on his head and compare the temperature to his body under the coat–noticeable difference. Thanks!


Got the coat just in time………Camp was incredibly hot so I was extremely thankful that I had the coat for Caper. When I put my hand under it I could feel that she was still fairly cool. A lot of people asked where I got the coat and I told them your web site.


BC, Canada

I had several people from Washington state attending our Nationals inquire about the [K-9 Cooler] jacket – [they] felt Musti’s body under the jacket and noticed the coolness. [It] was hot at our Nationals so was great to walk Musti with the coat on!


Ft. Myers, FL
Living in Southwest Florida, where the sun is so intense so much of the year, your product is just what I need to protect a 6X7′ sliding glass door which faces due west. The heat that has traditionally been generated there (even though there is a blind inside) has caused the air conditioning to labor all summer. I know my sun shade will more than pay for itself in a couple of months.

Brenda Boyd

Just back from Skowhegan and the package was there waiting for me when I arrived. Thank you so much for the extra effort that went in to this happening for me and saving the bother of the border shipping. I have been passing out your cards and telling everyone about your great service! Thanks again!


First off, thanks for letting me get a tarp (had forgotten her $$$). I have already used it and love it!


Even though it wasn’t very hot, my boy tends to overheat just being himself, (gets very worked up waiting to run). We put him in full sun and placed our hands underneath the jacket and he was cool to the touch. I have tried those crystal cooler jackets in the past and the trouble with those are as soon as the water reaches body temperature it can actually hold in heat. I love this jacket, and it can be placed in water first if you want to cool your doggie down even more. They even have custom color trims on the jacket that can match your tarps. Very Cool!


I had ordered a couple of dog cooler jackets and a small tarp from you a couple of years ago which I really like. The cooler jackets are really good at very sunny and therefore hot agility trials. I have black Portuguese Water Dogs. I am now interested in side tarps. Can you please give me your advice and a price. Thank you!

Lisa & Dilemma

Battling the heat for my dogs, kids, and I has been a challenge while competing during the summer months……NO MORE! We were at a wonderful K-9 Athletes trial in Indiana and I thought I would test out the new stuff and brave it in the direct sun, the tent topper cut the temp by a huge amount and the sides allowed plenty of air through.

Brad L

They really make nice ‘walls’ for pop-up canopies. People simply can’t believe how much cooler my canopy is than theirs 🙂 Since the second canopy is for home use, I can always use my RV set in the meantime.


My friend gave me your site as she is still very happy with her tarp. 😉 Thank you


I saw the info posted on the Agile dog list from someone in California. I have used the (Silver Shade) to cover a cage at a breed show once and was amazed at how cool it stayed inside the cage so I thought this would be perfect (as a dog cooler).


I would STRONGLY recommend looking at the SILVER SHADE MESH coats….To know what size you need, measure down your dogs spine from the withers to the dock of their tails. If you are in between sizes—go with the larger size—you want them to fit loosely–especially around their waist. That way air can flow through. You can also get them wet. ALL of my dogs have them and use them A LOT!!!

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